Imágenes de interiores: los avisos publicitarios de la revista AUCA (1965-1973).

The objects and interior spaces, present in the advertising images of AUCA magazine between 1965 and 1973, constitute a starting point for a visual account of the history of local interior design. This account tells the story of the reform and social transformation projects promoted by the Chilean State, which allowed the mechanization of national industry and the transfer of rationalist and functionalist aesthetic from modern architecture. The role played by this media in the dissemination of these ideas was fundamental, especially if it considers that at the time there was no specific academic training in design in Chile. The equipment and interior design companies that commissioned these advertisements formulated their own discourse that evidenced the evolution of the interior space and graphic production, and openly proposed a conception of living that was typical of modernity.


Palabras Claves
architecture magazine
Chilean interior design
advertising image.
Luis Carlos Moraga. Diseñador por la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, magíster en Estudios de la Imagen por la Universidad Alberto Hurtado.
Revista de Antropología Visual - número 30 - Santiago, 2022 -1/22 pp.- ISSN 2452-5189