Azapa: Etnografía, Fiesta y Muerte.

Each November 1º in Azapa, north of Chile, the relatives takes music and food to the cemetery to celebrate with their deceased the Day of the Death. An anthropological approach to this celebration has motivated a methodological exploration, currently in course, for an ethnographic approach to a subject that has been explored very little in our country -the celebration/death relation- using new audio-visual and hypermedial technologies. The lack of a solid theoretical frame for the application of audio-visual technology in anthropology, the deficiency of similar practical references and the poor experience of the investigating team characterize this work as exploratory. The operation of the maximum potentialities of the methodology, used in relation to the boarded subject, are desired, as well as bringing to light its limitations, to thereby obtain the best results possible. This presentation aims to emphasize the methodological aspects of this experience, using the case-study of this celebration like an example, taking advantage of the new technologies available as a support for the data collection, its storage and processing, as well as for the ethnographic product generation and its diffusion. The reflection will move in two axes that correspond to two stages: first, the fieldwork, then analysis and generation of results.


Palabras Claves
Party of the day of all the deads
audiovisual means
César Borie. Licenciado en Antropología, Mención Arqueología, Universidad de Chile.
Gerardo Mora. Licenciado en Antropología, Mención Antropología Social, Universidad de Chile.
Revista Chilena de Antropología Visual - número 8 - Santiago, diciembre 2006 - 7/23 pp.- ISSN 0718-876x. Rev. chil. antropol. vis.