Azapa, Fiesta para los muertos.

In Azapa's San Miguel, (valley of the same name, in Ist Region) every 1 º of November the kindred’s come to the cemetery to share with their deceased. Entire families travel even there from Tarapaca's interior or from distant cities specially to celebrate this day for the dead men. The kindred´s appear with their better clothes, with their better attitude, spend in food and drink in favor of their late one, arrange and adorn tombs and niches. They call for bands to satisfy the musical needs of those that already died.

Palabras Claves
San Miguel de Azapa
Day of the Dead
Northern Chile.
César Borie, Andrés Fortunato, Gerardo Mora & Juan Solar. Licenciados en Antropología, Arqueología e Ingeniería en Sonido. Universidad de Chile y UVIPRO.
Revista Chilena de Antropología Visual - número 5 - Santiago, Julio 2005 - 152/179 pp.- ISSN 0718-876x. Rev. chil. antropol. vis.