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The Pillar of Autonomy, Los Tercios Compas and Zapatista Filmmaking.

Abstract in spanish

The present work describes how video production has integrated within zapatista life and practice as a tool to communicate everyday information among the members of a given community and between geographically distant communities, to protect themselves from structural oppression, to self-present themselves to external audiences, and also to continue developing their autonomous modes of knowledge production. The text focuses on the film The Pillar of Autonomy and the Life of the Partisans (2018), and contextualizes it within the larger framework of political documentary and experimental cinema through the zapatista concept of video-machete.


Keywords: zapatismo,Cinema,autonomy,culture,video.
Author: Eduardo Makoszay Mayén. Cineasta e investigador independiente, México.
Received: March 26th, 2021, Accepted: July 04th, 2021
Revista de Antropología Visual - número 29 - Santiago, 2021 -1/16 pp.- ISSN 2452-5189