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The Aymara New Year in Cancosa (Tarapacá, Chile). Complementary reciprocity and ethnogenesis through photo-ethnography.

Abstract in spanish

Through a photo-ethnography on the Machaq Mara (Aymara New Year) celebration at the border community of Cancosa in Northern Chile, we reveal how an ethnogenesis process operates. We suggest that the central-Andean foundational principle of complementary reciprocity plays a fundamental role in this process. Our methodology consists of a visual reflective approach through photographic exposure, made possible through a combination of observant participation, the review of archives and interviews on the contemporary genesis of the festivity in Chile. We propose that the Machaq Mara celebration represents a preferential analytical space to identify dynamics of local ethnogenesis, in which ritual complementarity, as well the role of the State and indigenous officials in its process.


Keywords: Machaq Mara,Cancosa,complementary reciprocity,ethnogenesis,photo-ethnography.
Author: Pablo Mardones Charlone. Investigador del INTE-UNAP. Doctor en Antropología y magister por la UBA. Documentalista y DF del CPF-SICA. Director de Alpaca Producciones.
Author: Manuel Díaz Ugarte. Sociólogo y Magíster en Metodologías de investigación y proyectos sociales de la UAHC. Miembro del Grupo de Antropología Jurídica UAHC.
Received: May 04th, 2020, Accepted: July 27th, 2020
Revista de Antropología Visual - número 28 - Santiago, 2020 -1/25 pp.- ISSN 2452-5189